Taste, Time, and Gobble: The Meal Kit Revolution for Busy Parents

We asked 3 parents if Gobble's meal kit delivery lived up to its claim of fast and healthy meals

By Macaroni KID October 15, 2023

Ever felt swamped by work, kids, and endless chores, wondering how to fit in cooking a hearty meal? You're not alone. Parents and Macaroni KID publishers Aaron, Jamie, and Kara were in the same boat, juggling their bustling lives and the challenge of putting a wholesome dinner on the table. 

That is, until they discovered the magic of Gobble. See how this meal kit delivery service, which promises healthy, delicious, and homemade meals in 15 minutes, transformed their mealtime routines. 

This article is sponsored by Gobble. 

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As two working parents, my wife and I struggle to come up with quick, creative, and complete healthy meals especially during the week. Mondays are the hardest day for us: We have one girl in ballet from 5-5:30, and the other in gymnastics from 5:30-6:45. So we need a meal that can be ready for the gymnast to eat quickly before class, and the ballerina to eat after.  We often resort to takeout, which gets expensive, and it's still a challenge to find things that kids will eat. 

Aaron's Gobble verdict: Less fuss, more family time. It really was just 15 minutes to prepare. I liked that, unlike other meal kits, it was generous portions, and we actually felt full. Plus, fewer dishes: Two pots and done. 

Prep was easy enough that Aaron Seligman's daughters could help prepare a Gobble dinner. 

Gobble lets you choose from new chef-designed recipes each week. Choose from a diverse menu that includes meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes. Each and every recipe is prepped and designed to be table-ready in just 15 minutes. 

Get Your First 6 Gobble Meals for $36 + Free Shipping + Free Cookies


Life has become so hectic, with two kids, two dogs, and a husband. When it comes to meals, either I’m spending all day in the kitchen, or I end up serving something that looks more like a snack. Somehow it feels like a lose-lose situation. I wanted to see how Gobble could live up to its promise and save me time, still allow my toddler to help in the kitchen, and have a delicious, home-cooked meal for my family.

Jamie's Gobble verdict: Everything was very fresh, and easy to prep. We had to do very little work to get cooking. I loved that the meat was already cut into strips or bite-sized pieces so I didn’t have to do it myself. That and the pre-portioned ingredients made it much less stressful to get things from the kitchen to the table. The Gobble model truly accommodates this hectic, unpredictable, highly demanding #momlife.

Mom-extraordinaire: Juggling a baby and toddler can be overwhelming for Jamie Bondoc when trying to prepare meals, but Gobble made it so easy her daughter could help.


I feel like we've been running from morning to night ever since the school year started. My hubby and I work all day, and then it's time to schlep the kids from tennis practice to play practice. Some nights, we're not home before 7:30, which leaves no time for elaborate cooking ... and, all too often, a stop at a drive-thru instead. That makes me feel like a bad mom. So I was excited to hear about a meal service that offered homemade, healthy, and kid-friendly meals FAST. We’ve gotten other meal services in the past that, even if we order the ones that claim to be quick to prepare, turns out it’s an hour of cooking or more. Not what we need on a busy weeknight with hungry and worn-out kids. So, I was curious if Gobble would live up to the claims of quick meals. 

Kara's Gobble verdict: Woot! Pre-prepared fresh ingredients, delivered right to my door, meant a healthy, kid-friendly dinner on the table by the time the kids were out of their showers. We were really impressed with the gorgeous fresh veggies included in our meal. Plus, the rice was pre-cooked, so just required a 3-minute warm-up in the microwave. I couldn't even make it through the drive-thru line that fast.

Home-cooked instead of drive-thru: Fresh vegetables and pre-cooked rice made for a healthy, quick Gobble meal for Kara Murphy and her family.

Feedback time! We want to know: Would you recommend Gobble to others?

Aaron: I don't love all the packaging, but do appreciate that most is recyclable, and compared to other meal prep kits, it's less waste. I also liked the kids could help with the cooking since nothing was too complex.

Jamie: So many of my mom friends are on a constant hunt for hacks that make this life a little easier — ways to free up just a little bit of time so that they can have a moment to themselves. This is definitely a hack I'd recommend to them and anyone who wants to save time in the kitchen and still have a great home-cooked meal.

Kara: Gobble is by far the easiest meal kit service we’ve used in terms of preparing meals. I'm definitely recommending it to our friends, who I know are just as busy as we are during the week. My takeaway from this Gobble experience: Healthy and good food doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming and is possible, even on the busiest of nights. 

Ready for a culinary game-changer? Join Aaron, Jamie, and Kara on their Gobble journey today and discover the magic of fuss-free gourmet meals!

Get Your First 6 Gobble Meals for $36 + Free Shipping + Free Cookies